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Meet the Team


Stephen Summerow

Content Director

Stephen is a recent graduate from Oglethorpe University and a highly motivated individual with a passion for content creation. He has a strong desire to help businesses succeed through effective and engaging content strategies. In the spring, Stephen is currently pursuing a Master's in Business Administration at Samford University, where he will continue to develop his expertise in business and marketing. If you are in need of top-quality content for your business, Stephen is the perfect fit for the job. His dedication and passion for helping businesses thrive make him a valuable asset to any company.


Titus Moore

Marketing Director

Titus is a highly educated and skilled professional, holding a degree from Samford University and currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration. With a strong background in marketing, Titus brings a creative and strategic approach to helping businesses reach their full potential. His marketing expertise and drive for success make him an asset to any company looking to take their brand to the next level. If you are seeking a dedicated and talented marketing professional to lead your company to success, look no further than Titus.

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